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Vehicular Homicide

Aggressive Texas Lawyer Defends Clients Against Vehicular Homicide Allegations

Tenacious law firm represents drivers in the Houston area in prosecutions arising from fatal crashes

Vehicle collisions that result in someone’s death can result in serious charges. These cases often involve complicated issues of law and fact that demand strong representation from an attorney who understands the prosecution’s tactics and can challenge them effectively. At the Law Office of Jonas L. Hunter, Jr., I fight for the rights of people in the Houston area and throughout Texas who have been accused of vehicular homicide. I provide thorough advice on specific charges that may include manslaughter or even murder. With substantial legal experience defending clients in Texas, I possess the skill and determination to mount a strong argument on your behalf.

Tough Texas attorney protects the rights of defendants in auto death cases

The Law Office of Jonas L. Hunter, Jr. understands the law regarding vehicular homicide and knows how to handle every aspect of your case, which might include:

  • Violation of traffic or pedestrian laws
  • Effects of alcohol or drug use
  • Standards for criminal and gross negligence
  • Alternative accident causes such as mechanical defects
  • Elements of specific criminal counts for manslaughter and murder
  • Available defenses including lack of capacity or requisite mental state

I deliver high-quality advice and advocacy to protect your fundamental rights in your criminal case.

Tenacious attorney conducts thorough investigations in vehicular homicide matters

Most auto accidents prompt conflicting accounts of what occurred. When someone has died, the pressure to find what really happened increases greatly. At the Law Office of Jonas L. Hunter, Jr., I understand your freedom is at stake, which is why I leave no stone unturned in uncovering information and witness accounts that might have been overlooked. By developing a thorough, supported narrative of the facts, I provide you with a strong defense and the best chance for a favorable result at trial or in a plea agreement.

Contact an assertive Texas criminal defense attorney for your vehicular homicide charges

At the Law Office of Jonas L. Hunter, Jr., I have both the skill and determination to fight for drivers throughout Texas who have been accused of unlawfully causing the death of someone else. When you face serious charges, you deserve strong representation. Call me at 713-236-7744 or contact me online for a free consultation at my Houston office.

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